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Ways to Find Clients for Drop Servicing in 2024 (Without Paid Ads)

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One common problem most people who do drop servicing face is getting clients at cheaper rates with less stress. 

True, you can get clients for your digital services faster using paid advertisements (ads).

However, not many people have the funds for that. 

So, in this article, I discuss the four top ways to find clients for drop servicing in 2024 without paid ads. 

What is Drop Servicing?

Find Clients for Drop Servicing in 2024

Drop servicing entails offering digital services to clients by using third parties to render the services that you submit to the client as though you did the work yourself. 

Some popular drop-servicing services you can render are content creation, web design, and social media marketing. 

Other are virtual assistant, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, drop servicing, etc.

4 Best Ways to Find Clients for Drop Servicing in 2024

There are many ways to get drop-servicing clients. 

However, the four best ways to find clients for drop servicing in 2024, even without paid ads, are:

  1. Cold Emailing
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Craigslist
  4. Social Media

1. Cold Emailing

Cold emailing

Cold emailing is a strategy whereby you meet and interact with people you don’t know and who don’t know you via email with the intent of familiarizing yourself with and introducing your business. 

Cold emailing aims to create a relationship with someone you don't know, hoping to turn the person into a customer eventually.

You can use cold emails to find clients for your drop-servicing business in 2024. 

It’s a highly effective strategy for drop-servicing.

However, while employing cold emails, be careful not to be spammy, as this can hurt your reputation and your business. 

If you don't follow the laid-out Domain-based Message Authentication guidelines and Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) authentication, your cold emails may be treated as spam by spam filters and may end up in the SPAM folder of your prospects. 

Also, your recipients could report you and terminate your chances of reconnecting with them.

Here are good practices you can deploy to avoid your cold emails from ending up in the spam folders:

a) Edit the “from” line

The ‘from' line is the sender's email address.

It shows your message recipients precisely who sent the email. 

The ‘from' line gives your prospect an impression of you or your business at first glance. 

What your ‘from' line says may decide whether your recipient will open and read your message or trash it. 

Here are examples of how a good ‘from' line should look: 

  • First name (Princewill)
  • First name + Last name (Princewill Peters)
  • First name + Last name, Title (Princewill Peters, Human Resource Manager)
  • First name + Company name (Princewill at Amazon)
  • First name + Last name + Company name (Princewill Peters at Amazon)

b) Create an Appealing Subject Line

A good cold email subject line goes a long way in helping your prospect open your email. 

Hence, you need to craft an appealing subject line for your emails. 

Use these tips to create an appealing subject line: 

  • Customize the subject line to your recipient.
  • Sound human. 
  • Intrigue your recipient. 
  • Link your subject line to the rest of your email.

c) Write a Good Introduction

Your introduction should not be longer than 2 to 3 sentences. It should focus on your recipient's expertise, work, and achievements. 

d) Add value to your pitch

Adding value to your pitch is the part where you inform your recipient what you need from them. 

If you offer a service, you could talk more about what your recipient will gain from hiring you. 

Focus on the benefits rather than the features.

e) Conclude Your Cold Email with a CTA

Create a clear call to action (CTA), persuading your prospects to do what you want them to do. 

For instance, request that the person schedule a Skype conversation, ask to be contacted by your social media handles, or give a link to a gift. 

Keep your CTA simple.

Top examples of companies that have used cold emails to get clients over the years are Grammarly, HubSpot, Airbnb, etc. 

Individuals also use cold emails to get drop-servicing clients.

 So, you can use cold emails to find clients for drop servicing in 2024.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is another great way to find clients for drop servicing in 2024 without paying for ads. 

To use SEO to get your desired results, follow these steps:

a) Create a Website

You need a website to deploy an SEO strategy to get drop-servicing clients. 

Your website will enable you to showcase your services quickly, easily, and for almost free. 

I recommend using a branded domain name for your website to give your potential clients a clue about your service. 

When you host your website with Hostinger you get the opportunity to register a branded domain name without any upfront cost.

For instance, if you offer designing services, you can opt for a domain name that portrays design services. The same goes for programming and other services. 

Besides, a branded domain name may help your website to easily rank on Search Engines for the keywords your drop-servicing business offers. 

b) Set up a blog 

The next step is to set up a blog on your website to publish quality content about your drop-servicing business.

Publish content on keywords that are specific and targeted to your business. 

The blog would generate traffic to your website through the content you publish. 

Whether you're interested in redesigning or starting a website from scratch, or you're finding it harder to come up with a design for a website. 

Let build a responsive website for you in no time. 

c) Keyword Research 

Carried out proper keyword research is sine qua none to success with SEO. 

Keyword research aims to identify viable keywords around the drop service you are offering on your website. 

Create content around these keywords and publish the same on your blog’s website.

3. Craigslist

 Craigslist to find clients for drop servicing

Craigslist is a popular platform that can help you find clients for drop servicing in 2024 without paid ads. 

Craigslist is a private advertising platform where people list jobs, products, housing, etc.

To use Craigslist to find clients for drop servicing, please follow these steps/tips: 

  • Create and verify your Craigslist account.
  • Craft out appealing headlines.
  • Use relevant keywords.
  • Use high-quality images. 
  • Keep your content simple and easy to read. 
  • Do not over-post your services on the platform. Posting 2 to 3 times per day is ok at the start. 

4. Social Media

find clients for drop servicing in 2024 on social media platforms

You can find clients for drop servicing in 2024 on social media platforms for free without paying for ads. 

Billions of people use social media platforms every day. 

Hence, there is a high probability of reaching your target audience and converting them into leads via social media. 

These are some top social media platforms you can utilize to find clients for your drop servicing business: 

  • Facebook groups 
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Leverage these platforms by posting your drop services regularly in free groups, forums, and communities.


Starting drop servicing may be easy, but finding clients to pay for your services could be challenging, especially when you have no money to pay for ads. 

Good enough, you don’t need paid ads to get clients for your drop-servicing business in 2024. 

Using strategies like cold emailing, Craigslist, SEO, and social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook groups), you can get clients and make profits in your drop-servicing business.

Now, of these four methods, which do you prefer to use to find clients for your drop servicing in 2024?

 Please let me know in the comment box below. Cheers. 

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