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Drop servicing is an excellent business model. 

It has turned boys into men financially within a short period of time to the extent that some people have quitted their day jobs to pursue drop servicing as a full time career!

However, drop servicing is not for everybody. 

Not everyone can withstand the hazzles that come with the drop servicing business model and I understand that.

It can be tedious sometimes.

It can be time-consuming.

What of the delays by the people you outsource jobs to?

Or, infrastructural challenges.

Or, the fast-approcahing deadlines and clients’ harassment issues

That’s a lot to cope with and not everyone, has the stomach or spine to cope with these issues that drop servicing brings some times.

So, many people decide to consider good drop servicing alternatives like starting a Growth Partners business to make money.

If you’re one of the few (maybe, many) people who doesn’t find drop servicing fanciful or see it as a rewarding or lucrative business model, there are many free drop servicing alternatives you can try.

I discuss some of these free drop servicing alternatives in this article.

Introducing free drop servicing alternatives…

free drop servicing alternatives

There are various free drop servicing alternatives today which you can choose from. 

Some of these alternatives include the following:

  • Social media marketing, 
  • Affiliate marketing, 
  • Virtual assistants, 
  • Growth partners, etc.

Free Drop Servicing Alternatives

Below is a list of free drop servicing options you can choose from:

1. Dropshipping 

As a dropshipper, you can sell kinds of stuff online without the products ever being in your possession. Here is how it works.

First, you find what you want to sell from a supplier. Then, list the product on your website or page at your set price (retail price). 

When a customer places an order and pays the retail price to you, you can now reach out to your supplier… 

Then, purchase the product, and the supplier will ship the products directly to the customer.

2. Print on Demand 

Print on Demand 

Print on Demand (POD) is a drop servicing alternative that allows sellers to create digital designs and partner with companies like Printful to make products out of the designs and ship them to customers. 

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model whereby a person promotes another person’s or company's product/service and when someone purchases the product/service with the person’s referral/affiliate link, he/she receives a commission. 

You can promote affiliate links via many means like on YouTube, Social media, blog, website, or via word of mouth approach.

 When someone clicks and buys what you’re promoting using your affiliate link you earn a commission. 

Affiliate marketing is a beautiful business model and many people across the world make a lot of money this way as a preferred drop servicing alternative.

4. Private and White Labeling

White labeling entails rebranding an existing product with your logo or brand name and then selling it for profits, of course with the exclusive permission of the original product owner. 

For instance, many people contact a product supplier overseas using a site like Alibaba to produce a product with their label or logo on it.

 There would be no change to the product content but rather a rebranding of the packaging with a little change in price.

On the other hand, private labeling involves changing/improving or modifying the product and its label. 

The aim is to make the product better, different, and more valuable in the Marketplace or to tailor it to a specific set of customers’ need.

 White labeling and private labeling are quick and easy ways to make money and are great replacements to drop servicing.

5. eCommerce store

You can also run an eCommerce store where you sell merchandize. 

This is an excellent drop servicing alternative you can try out. 

6. Growth Partnership

Growth partnership entails partnering with a company to improve the company’s producsts, services, income, or market share. 

It’s similar to affiliate marketing but its more than that.

Of all these drop servicing alternatives the one that’s closest to my heart is this Growth partners. 

Let's learn about it together below.

What are Growth Partners?

Start Free Growth Partners in 2024

Working as a growth partner is an excellent business model that you can replace drop servicing with today and still earn a lot of money, regardless of your age, location, race, or educational status. 

A growth partner is a person who assists a company in doing multiple tasks. 

These tasks could be helping a company with its entire marketing process, content creation, or lead generation.

What is the Meaning of Growth Partners Strategic?

Growth partners work hand-in-hand with a company’s overall management team to help the company grow and succeed. 

These partners aim to create a growth plan that will increase a company’s revenue. 

Growth partners primarily work with the CEOs of the companies to bring growth.

Why Companies Love Growth Partners

The most exciting part of working as a growth partner is that if you can do multiple tasks simultaneously, a company may not easily replace you. 

Companies and organizations love multi-talented growth partners who can multitask efficiently to save cost and time on tasks.

Without a growth partner, a company would have to hire separate staff and virtual assistants (VAs) to carry out specific tasks, which is time-consuming and expensive and hence detrimental to the company’s bottom line

What Does a Growth Partners Team Do?

Here are a few responsibilities of growth partners in a company:

1. Growth Opportunities

The primary duty of growth partners in a company is to identify growth opportunities. 

As a growth partner, you must conduct an in-depth analysis of the company you are working for to know the potential growth areas.

The analysis you will carry out will include the market analysis, positioning for competitors, and customer distribution (target audience). 

2. Strategy

The growth partners’ team has to develop excellent strategies.

 Some excellent strategies include product differentiation, improved customer service, and pricing.

With these strategies, you can boost the company’s operations and give sustainable ways to grow and make profits.

3. Implementation

The growth partners team is responsible for implementing a strategy. 

This implementation involves setting measurable goals, milestones, and timelines. 

As part of a growth partner team, you must show resource allocation and project management expertise.

 However, your expertise will help you implement the strategy(s) skillfully and successfully. 

4. Marketing and Sales

Growth partner teams can help to improve a company’s marketing and sales. 

As part of a growth partner team, you can:

  • Redefine a company’s vision and goals.
  • Target the company’s right audience.
  • Use social media platforms to reach the target audience and, thus, convert them to leads.

5. Finances

Growth partner teams are responsible for a company’s financial planning and analysis.

 As part of this team, you can offer awareness on:

  • Cost management.
  • Funding alternatives.
  • Profit analysis.

Skill Required For Growth Partners Success

Skill Required For Growth Partners Success

To succeed as a growth partner you must possess strategic skills, comprising soft skills and hard/technical skills.

Below are some of the skills you must have to succeed as a successful growth partner:

  1. Problem-solving skills
  2. Communication skills
  3. Project management skills
  4. Sales skills
  5. Business development skills
  6. Collaboration skills
  7. Decision-making skills
  8. Marketing skills 
  9. Financial analysis skills
  10. Client management skills
  11. Creative skills

With these skills, you can work effectively as a company’s growth partner and profit from it. 

Tips to Get Growth Partners Deals

Below here are a few tips to get growth partner deals:

1. Be Good at Multiple Things

First, you must find out what problem you want to solve. It could be lead generation, marketing, acquisition, or content creation.

 You must learn all the skills required to solve the problem. 

Also, you must understand your target audience very well to get clients.

 This is very important, especially when you do not have case studies. 

2. Define your Target Audience and Outreach 

You must have the right target audience.

 For instance, you may not want to work with small companies that pay $5 -20 monthly. 

So, you must carry out proper market research to find out well-paying companies and their operating conditions (i.e., terms of service). 

You can conduct market research on your target audience via tools like Answerthepublic or call them to find out what bothers them and many others.

However, in-person or personalized outreach is best if you target companies that make $100 million annually and your target audience is small.

 If not, you may waste your outreach efforts and leads.

Companies that make $1 million and below annually are much larger in number and you’ll be able to have a bigger target audience with such companies. 

You can automate the process to reduce stress and lag by leveraging automation tools.

 Examples of automation tools you can use for your growth partners outreach include ClickUp, Wrike, Jira, and many others.

3. Positioning

Positioning entails the length of the contract or the deal size. 

This includes, for example, the time you will need to deliver excellent results to your client. 

I suggest 12 months positioning because taking over a company’s specific task requires learning, work, and time to implement. 

Also, you must know how much you will make for the company. From there, you can charge a percentage from it.. 

For instance, if it is $1 million that you’ll generate for the company, you can charge 20% from it (that is, $200,000).

You must position yourself as the only person the company can hire to solve their business problems

Position yourself as someone who wants to help a company or business succeed and grow. 

Once the company or business finds you invaluable and perhaps pivotal to their growth and success you’ll become an indispendable asset for the company.


There are various free drop servicing alternatives. However, becoming a growth partner stands out. As a growth partner, you can help companies carry out multiple tasks to grow and earn money.

In short, the success of a company is also your success. Best wishes as you try out this free drop servicing alternative.

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